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oh, how i hate you with a passion.


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Not So Silent Night is next week. wished i had more people to go with. shows & concerts are not what they once were for me once upon a time. i forget...do i still listen these bands?

-30 Seconds to Mars
-Vampire Weekend

Mikez, when is your band going to grace us out here in San Fran??

dude, it's cold like a mother. i'm thankful i don't live where snow can fall like rain. hope you guys are staying warm or cool for that matter.


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for only a couple reasons. in my case, they would be good to help me go to sleep. now, if only i could get my hands on some. i doubt the TY PM's going to work. it's not helping me to fall asleep. rather, it's giving me subtle pains here and there. hmm...not good.

since i can't fall asleep...i might as well stay up and look for new music or bake...like Visceral. LOL.

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my neck hurts.
i think i need new pillows.
and possibly a new bed.
it hurts to turn, to bend, to look up, when i cough. ugh. yesterday, my head was pounding so much til it hit 1am. now, it's my effin' neck.

btw, has anyone seen Watchmen? i saw the first 10 minutes of it at WonderCon with a Q&A panel with the cast. looks good. but, have yet to see it in theaters. guess i'll have to wait til my neck is better.

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seriously. i don't know how to say no to a certain person...maybe it's my supposed good natured self (haha, yeah right!) or it's most likely cause i don't have it in myself to say no or be mean. how sad. i'm like this mat that people can walk all over.

is it better to be nice or mean??

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